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What people say about Celtic Cross ...
"UPS delivered my guitar yesterday. It is a thing of beauty. The level of craftsmanship is most impressive. I only had a half hour or so to tune it up and try it out, but it sounded terrific right out of the box. The sustain was much better than my Vineyard model. The tone was clearer on every string, up and down the neck. I found the “action” excellent, by which I mean I could play difficult riffs more easily. Thanks for making such a beautiful looking, and beautiful sounding, instrument. "
Robert Gass
Upland Calif.

The Mark of Quality

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Celtic Cross Instruments

Celtic Cross Instruments builds only slide instruments with the emphasis on the styles made famous by Hermann Weissenborn.

We at Celtic Cross Instruments try to stress craftsmanship, durability and top quality materials at an affordable price for the beginner player and the profesional recording artist. We try to build an instrument that all musicians would be proud to own and play.

A Celtic Cross Instrument is not produced by any cookie cutter method. Each is made to order for the customer with their needs in mind.

The basic Weissenborn copy is an all Mahogany body with maple bindings and a gloss lacquer finish . Generic tuners, bone nut and saddle with a rosewood bridge. Fretboard and peghead overlay are Burmease rosewood with inlaid maple fret markers and dots.

Our line of slide instruments :

  • Standard 25" scale Weissenborn copy six or eight string
  • Teardrop 25" scale Teardrop shape Weissenborn copy six or eight string
  • Standard 30" scale Baritone Weissenborn copy six or eight string
  • Teardrop 30" scale Baritone Weissenborn copy
  • Kona style 25" scale
  • Hilo style 25" scale
  • Double neck 25" scale Weissenborn style for two different tunings on the same instrument.

For photos of instruments we've produced, please head over to the Guitar Gallery.